Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Becoming a Smashwords Boss

Who other to learn how to be a Smashwords Boss than from the mastermind behind the e-book distributor!

Mark Coker has written a few books and posts blogs that are very informative to help you navigate the crazy world of e-book publishing.  Invest the time to promoting your hard earned work and your brand.

Smashwords allows you to publish your work to their mega-web page, but in order to meet their standards, which are pretty fair, your document has to be dressed up a certain way.
Your title page should consist of the following if you would like a copy for yourself you can download the .doc file here.
Here are some books from the Smashwords creator himself, Mark Coker.  He's usually updating these as Smashwords and the landscape of e-books changes so keep these books in mind and bookmarked.

Here are some links to help you manage and get your e-book published on Smashwords

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