Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aym Geronimo and the Valley of the Golden Tears

Aym Geronimo and the Valley of the Golden Tears
by writer J. Morgan Neal and artist Todd Fox

“What are you doing here, Powers?” Aym whispered as she snapped off several shots of equipment in this place where it clearly should not have been. In addition to being on protected land, she was fairly certain the Canadian government didn’t know they were here and would certainly not permit any corporation to move in so much equipment that could potentially destroy the cave.

“Whatever it is, I’m guessing it’s not good,” Aym said softly as she pulled out her radio. “Time to call in the cavalry.”

That’s when she heard it.

Aym had been so intently focused on gathering evidence against Powers that she had tuned out everything else around her. Such single-mindedness could prove fatal in a cave and she should have known better. By the time she realized that the sound behind her was the shuffling of feet it was too late.

Aym turned just in time to see the butt of a rifle rushing toward her. She felt the crack of the impact and the floor fell out from under her.

And then the lights went out.

About Aym Geronimo and the PostModern Pioneers:

Headquartered in the Wonder Wall, a complex carved into the side of the Grand Canyon, Aym and the Postmodern Pioneers dare danger, discover the delphic, defy disaster, and defeat the diabolical.


  1. I would just like to clarify that this is an excerpt from an excellent story written by Bobby Nash for a short story collection we are doing that will be out soon entitled: Aym Geronimo and the PostModern Pioneers: Tall Tales. To read more excerpts head on over to the Aym Geronimo Facebook page and take a gander. http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=105564933516

    Thanks for posting this Larry.

  2. I was about to say that, Bat. :) This book is shaping up to be a great read. A lot of taklented writers have stories in this volume.