Saturday, March 31, 2012

Promote Your Novel to the World

Global Book Blast is an exclusive promotional program that only accepts four clients per month. Get your novel the multi-tiered exposure it deserves by using our new innovated high powered advertising program.

1. A summary of your book will be e-mailed directly to more than 1088 readers as of March 30th, 2012.

2. A book excerpt of your choice will be featured on Book Town's USA Blog.

3. Global Book Blast will post An advertisement of your book, that will run for an entire month on Book Town and will feature your book on the blog for a week. 

4. Your interview will be uploaded to the Mayor of Book Town's MySpace site and the blog.

5.  A book synopsis will appear on Book Town's Facebook page and on our blog.

6. If you have a book trailer we will upload it to our You Tube site where it will remain for a full year; it will also be featured on our blog (usually on the Tuesday during the week that you will be featured).

7. A link to purchase your novel will be added to each site that we promote your book.

8. If the novel you are promoting is about to be released we will compose and send out a press release. Press releases do not apply to books already on the market.  If you have an event to promote we will create a press release for you.

*We only guarantee increased exposure, interviews, ads and awareness; we however cannot guarantee increased sales.
We are working on new ways to start promotions as soon as possible. 
After purchasing Global Book Blast please e-mail with the following information (right click to download).

Please allow 3-4 weeks before any ads will appear on the BookTown site or blog. The ads will stay on the site for a month.  Yes!  A month of promotions by the Global Book Blast team and another month of ads on BookTown's ning site.

Proceeds go to keeping BookTown Alive!  Remember all imagery interivews and any other promotional information we create for you can be used again in any way you like to help promote yourself!

If you are seeking other inexpensive ways to promote your novel with Book Town please visit Book Town Advertisements.  


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