BookTown Blog Rules

How do you choose what is posted on your blog?
This BookTown Blog is an extension of BookTown, a site created to help authors promote their work and to connect them with the knowledge of how to further their novels along.  We share our experiences and help others learn through them.

So I can join slap up all of my stuff and then just leave?
Remember, in BookTown participation is key.  Clicking from site to site and posting your information will just label you as a spammer.  BookTown is a networking site, the people chosen to be featured are people who take the time to promote their book and who helps the other authors promote their books.  BookTown is a community.

Just think of the questions that I would ask myself?
Does this person contribute to BookTown?  Do they have accessible information?  (in other words: Do I have to look hard for your web site address?)
It doesn't matter if your self-published, it doesn't matter if you only have one book, you don't HAVE to have a web site, the above was just an example

Who are you?
BookTown was launched on January 2009, by Larry and Lauren Johnson the father and daughter team have been making improvements and helping authors since then.

Because we can.  The real answer is because in April 2006 Escape 2 Earth 2012 was published by Larry.  He and his daughter, a soon to be college graduate at the time, attended many book fairs over the years and the more they went to the more they learned, but with every book fair attended there was always a new author that reminded them of themselves in the beginning.  They thought, I wish there was someone who would have told us years ago what we were doing wrong.  Larry came across the ning service and conceived BookTown and became Mayor.  Now a college graduate Lauren still helps her father as Deputy Mayor when it comes to the graphics, site updates and ect.

It's always been in Larry's nature to create and to help others, his first major job was the Director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority where he created the first library program.  Whereas Lauren is a college graduate she has her Bachelors degree in Communications and Technology and a minor in English from Chestnut Hill College.