Saturday, August 27, 2016

An App That Brings Fiction in the Form of Texts

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Fiction app Hooked launched last fall, aiming to reinvent fiction with short stories modeled on text message conversations. Next up: Letting readers write their own stories.
That arrives today with the launch of Hooked 2.0. Any Hooked reader can now create characters and then write their story one message at a time. They can also include photos and videos.
The idea of typing out a full story on your phone might seem kind of tedious, but again, it’s supposed to mirror the text messaging experience. As co-founder and CEO Prerna Gupta put it, “We’ve made writing as easy as messaging your friends.”
Of course, there’s still the challenge of writing something interesting and worthwhile, but at least Hooked reader/writers can focus on the story rather than the publishing system or the formatting.
I can't imagine writing a story through text messaging.  What do you think?

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