Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top Ten Book Trailers January 19th - 26th 2014

Top 10 Book Trailers

2. Hidden Earth Series 

3.  More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup 

4. Fresh Frozen                      

5. Curator's Curse by Scarlet Hunter                                                                                            


Wraith's Heart by Donna Steele

Book summary: When Gail Duncan finds herself in her home town with no memory and, unfortunately, dead, she's a little confused. Deciding to stay close to Ryan Davis, the hunky detective investigating her murder she might as well help out on the case. Ryan has other problems than this recent murder. He earned his honorable discharge but the past is still with him. He's used to seeing things as black and white, so what's helping him with his investigation, and why is his apartment no longer as lonely? Together they work on the case and learn about one another, and what they can accomplish, in ways neither had ever dreamed.

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