Sunday, October 13, 2013

What you may have missed this week on Book Town

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How to find book agents for publishing your book

Posted by alana woods 


Posted by Sunny Frazier on Book Town and Facebook

"Writing is a choice. Nobody is standing behind us with a gun to our heads telling us to publish or perish. Writing is hard. More than just imagination and plot, good writing includes craft, strong word choices, constant editing, the illusive element called “voice,” and a thick skin."

Why a writer should not be ashamed to be inspired by life 

Posted by Teresa Edmond

Why I will never pay for a review

Posted by Neil D Ostroff

Kudos to author John Brantingham. His trailer for Mann of War has been #1 for six months. See it here. 
Book Town, miss a week and you've missed a lot.

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