Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Praise for Locked Within

Locked Within

Delia Armanetti, a member of the chorus of the Midwest Opera Company inLocked WithinChicago, suffers a devastating stroke, leaving her paralyzed and unable to speak. Delia’s new daughter-in-law, June, is resentful of the responsibility and wants to be rid of her.

Enter Emma Winberry, a friend of Delia’s and suspicious of June. Her sixth sense and her Guardian Angel tell her there is trouble brewing.

Delia begins to recover and is able to communicate with Emma. But June is hiding something in her past and wants both Emma and Delia out of her way.

Follow the persistent Emma Winberry as she puts herself in danger to save her friend. Is she successful?

Praise for Locked Within
Locked Within is a simply wonderful story written by an author who clearly knows our craft.

I had a great time with this book and recommend it to any reader who enjoys clever plotting and vivid characters.

Osterman is a nurse who understands what it means to care and be cared for. Her writing is scalpel sharp and much more intelligent than some of the cozies I have read.

Locked Within is fun and fascinating. Fans of my books will have a great time with it.

Bravo, Helen Osterman!
-Michael Palmer, MD
New York Times  Winning Author: Political Suicide

As a child I was always making up stories and drawing pictures, but at age Helen with her flowersseven, I made up my young mind that I would be a nurse. My dolls were always sick and even my patient dog occasionally allowed me to bandage one of her limbs.
I have lived in the Chicago area all my life, currently in the southwest suburbs. I love Chicago, even its unpredictable weather, although my children don’t feel the same. Two of the five live in the area. The others live in Missouri, New Jersey and London, England. I have nine grandchildren, two with British accents.

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