Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Quest to Save Xanar: The Return of the Deltorian Warriors

The Quest to Save Xanar: The Return of the Deltorian Warriors
by Lauren A. Johnson

Lovo and Trystan walked down the street in silence.  The crisp afternoon was slowly growing into a cooler evening, despite the cheerful sunlight gusts of wind interrupted every once and while.  Lovo looked at the humans and was happy that she along with the others were able to stop the Vadarians in their past life from continuing to experiment on this planet.  Because of the Deltorian four they were able to stop the alien abductions by the Vadarian race.
“So?”  the tallest warrior, Trystan asked her to break the silence. 
“So, what?”  Lovo said blankly. 
“Exactly,” Trystan said confidently. 
“Cut it out.”  Lovo laughed at the nonsense response he gave her. 
“What?”  Trystan smiled the two slowed their pace to turn a  corner.
“Stop saying crazy things to make me laugh.  We have important things to talk about.”  As soon as Lovo turned the corner a painful and heavy force struck her in the face.  After it was too late Lovo had realized that she was kicked in the face. 
“What’s up, buddy?”  Dajus asked her as Lovo got up holding her face. 
“Buddy!”  Lovo said upset.  Dajus smiled at Lovo. 
“I’m sorry dear, I didn’t think I’d actually hit you.  There was a time you would have seen that coming a mile away.”  Dajus said cheerfully, her fresh bob cut blew in the breeze. 
“We need to talk,” Mallobo who witnessed the whole thing chimed in.
“You think?” Trystan answered annoyed.
The four sat on top of an apartment building that had a garden on the roof.  “How’d you know it was us?”  Trystan asked; in their former lives everyone was Deltorian and looked Deltorian.  The essence was placed into new form in borrowed human bodies.
“We woke up in the hospital before you two did.  We saw we were all in the same hospital room and figured it wasn’t a coincidence.  Besides we could sense something different from you.”  Mallobo answered.  Lovo noticed how his Deltorian features were starting to show.  She could see the strands of gold among his strawberry and blonde locks of hair.
Lovo gave them a serious look.  “So, you two guessed came over and kicked me in the face?”  Everyone knew she was more than irritated. 
“Only to be sure,” Dajus said sweetly.  Lovo looked at Mallobo who averted his eyes from hers; he didn’t want to let on that he knew Dajus was still infected by the Skyro from their previous battle during the war.
During the attack of the Skyro Dajus was overtaken by one of the beings and fused itself with her in an attempt to survive and later take over her body.  Dajus’ will to remain herself has been a struggle.  Mallobo looked to Lovo; he wondered if she remembered his theory about Dajus and the Skryo.  He believed that neither Dajus or the Skyro were still present; but a brand new entity was emerging.  An entity that was still undecided on which side it was fighting for.  Deltorian warriors have no choice in their path; every decision and every action must be in the interest, survival and prosperity of Deltor.  Mallobo wondered if these new rules would apply to the new Dajus.
“Well, as far as we can tell there’s a plot to kill the children of the ruling families of the Planetary Alliance.”  Trystan volunteered. 
“Fun,” Mallobo started “Just like old times.  I take it that you did your own recon work?”
Trystan looked over the edge of the roof observation the boat races, “CIA, FBI, NSA, and NASA all communications point to the same thing.”  No one else has figured out the common thread in all of the communications because they don’t have the same experience as the warriors do, they wouldn’t know what to look for.
“So, ruling families are being targeted?  What’s that got to do with us?  We’ll just keep the princess safe like we’ve always done.”  Mallobo said simply as the wind kicked up a bit blowing his short blonde hair around.
Trystan nodded.  “True.  But she doesn’t know who we are.  She doesn’t trust us.” 
Dajus’ face faltered.  “We don’t need her to trust us to protect her.  Look, all we need to do is just keep her safe and get her back home.  We’ve done some checking too and it seems as if the deaths have only been happening here on Earth.” 
Lovo chimed in, “You’re right; it looks like someone wants to frame Earth.” 
Trystan frowned “Why would someone do anything like that?” 
Mallobo took a bite of an apple that he’d brought and frowned at the taste of it.  “What does that matter to us?” he said with a disgusted face as he chewed the apple.  “This is gross,” he stated as he took another bite.
Lovo sighed, she didn’t like the plan, but it was the best one that they have, “Mallobo’s right, get the Princess and get her off of Earth.”  Lovo frowned at Mallobo; the wind had messed up her curly hair, “If the taste is displeasing to you; then why are you still eating it.”
“Because I’m hungry!” Mallobo said with a mouthful of food.  Trystan and Lovo didn’t always get along with Mallobo’s abrasive personality and tactics but she was glad to see him again.

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