Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Assault of the Telda

by Lauren A. Johnson
Meanwhile back at the Cerliquan Arts Hall, Mallobo sighed as he stood on the roof of the building before he turned on his communicator.  While he spoke to Lovo he looked out along the city, the sunlight gave off a low golden hue.  “Lovo, there’s nothing here, either Trelo lied to us or…”
Lovo sighed as she walked along the hall of the large building, with her Alhap soldiers behind her “Or he was told to lie to us about the next target to keep us busy.”
I’m making my way back to you.”  Mallobo started to walk towards the exit when the door slammed shut by itself.  He stopped walking and stared at the door.  “No wind and the door shuts, that’s completely normal.”  Mallobo said to himself just as he sensed someone standing beside him, he turned to see himself standing a few feet away.  The two Mallobo’s stood there for a moment and before he could start walking towards his other self a large force held on to Mallobo as if it were a large hand surrounding his entire body.  The pressure was great he thought he would pop.  He knew this feeling, but it felt wrong, he felt as if he was teleporting, only the sensation was different because he was being forced to teleport. 
Mallobo woke up to the sound of clicking and clacking marbles; he was on his back and stared into outer space.  “What?” he stood up confused, he reached for his Nilo Blade, but it was missing.  So was his calcu-gun.  “Great.”  He said. 
Half of the room was white with a blue stripe around it while the other side of the room was black with a red strip around it.  He could not see into the darkness of the black side of the room.  Mallobo stood in the white part, his golden green eyes tried to adjust to the change in scenery, he looked up once again to see the stars of the galaxy.  He turned to find the source of the clacking marbles and could see a time piece in a rectangular shape on his side of the room from the floor to the ceiling.  There were four columns of marbles they clicked and clacked constantly, in a rhythm that Mallobo can only guess as mathematical. 
Mallobo of the Deltorian Four of the capital of Kitnar, how are you?”  A woman’s voice rang from the dark side of the room.
My head hurts but other than that…where the Yeshua am I?!”  Mallobo shouted at the other side of the room.  A woman emerged from the darkness, she was the most beautiful Deltorian Mallobo had ever seen.  She was tall, like any other Deltorian woman, but her hair was long and completely golden, her eyes were brown and she wore a long pale pink dress.  She walked towards him with a smirk on her face.
This is fun, I’ve never been Deltorian before, you’re skin is so smooth.”  The woman admired herself.
Mallobo said nothing and just watched her.  “Mallobo, have a seat.”  Mallobo turned to his left and found a table, in the shape of the Deltorian insignia, Delta.  The two sat and the woman continued to smirk at him.  “My name is Elva.  And I’m going to let you in on a little secret.”
Not wanting to show any sense of fear Mallobo kept up his face, “How to let me out of here?”
Oh, no, not yet my dear, not until I’ve told you why I’ve brought you here.  You see, I am a messenger, for something has gone terribly wrong.  Twice the Skyro have come here to attack you and for awhile we were okay with it.  A few of us even think it was a little entertaining.  I believe one of us has written a book about it.”  Elva started to babble.
Who are you?”  Mallobo asked again.  “What do you have to do with the Skyro?”
We are the beings that make the Skyro cringe with fear.”  Elva said in a sinister whisper with her head tilted.  Her eyes fluctuated from brown to green.
You’re a Deltorian.”  Mallobo said simply.
I am pretending to be what you want to see.  We are shape shifters and we can come and go out of our bodies whenever we please.  An added bonus we recently learned is how to change our physiology, the cannibalistic creatures, the Skyro, even if they could defeat us they cannot eat us, we’ll poison them and make them sick.  We are the rulers of our dimension, you see my dear, we control everything.  Now with these last two attempts made by the Skyro they have emboldened the other creatures that we have power over to be rebellious.”

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