Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Excerpt Tuesday: Abyssal Redemption by Yolanda Pascal

Chapter 1
Galaxy Quest 
The gaunt young man looked up at his tormentors and opened his mouth to scream.  Only a whimper escaped his cyan lips before he collapsed unconscious onto the spongy surface of the pediment under his shackled feet.
“Death will come quickly,” the empyrean woman declared to her companion as she tapped the youth’s head with the point of her shoe.  “He was a fool.”
The elderly man blinked back tears.  Allowing himself one last glance at the prone victim, he began his transformation—reborn as a transparent liquid which oozed into the gaps in the porous ground and disappeared.  The woman, too, was melting into the permeable layer on which the body lay.  Within seconds, the cushioned layer itself had fully dissolved, and once again the young man lay silent and surrounded by infinite emptiness. Alone.

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