Monday, August 8, 2011

Exceprt Monday: The Zygan Emprise by Yolanda Pascal

Excerpt Monday: The Zygan Emprise
by Yolanda Pascal

Hollywood actors Shiloh Rush and Spud Escott star in the sci-fi TV series Bulwark, but, off camera, they’re real secret agents for the Zygan Federation, an intergalactic empire hidden from Earth. Desperate to save her long-lost brother, also a Zygan Intelligence agent, from the clutches of an intergalactic terrorist and his minions, Shiloh enlists Spud to travel to a desolate dimension and mount a rescue, using the Golden Fleece she has borrowed from ancient prophet Yeshua Bar Maryam. On the trail, Shiloh and Spud risk their lives in the mysterious nebula, The Plegma, and face menacing demons, vampires, guerrillas, and Valkyries as they storm the gates of Hades. Returning to Earth, they find that their actions have resulted in devastating changes in the path of our history, and that the Earth and the people they left behind no longer exist. Will Shiloh and Spud have to sacrifice their lives to save Earth’s?

Chapter 1
His heel hit the edge of my lip. I felt a sharp stab of pain and the blood begin to flow. Livid, I spun around and slammed the side of Spud’s cheek with my fist. He cried out and collapsed into a crouch, then sprang towards my stomach. I was ready. I tightened my abs and shot both arms up into his jaw before he could make contact. The force of the blows sent his body back onto the floor, where he lay grunting and clutching his face.
Still wary, I lifted my foot and lightly placed it on Spud’s writhing abdomen, then looked up at the pedagogue for an acknowledgment of my victory. I caught the flicker in in the edge of my vision, but it was too late. Spud’s powerful legs launched into my pelvis and threw me screaming against the wall. For the next few minutes, I remembered nothing more.

Abyssal Redemption/Part 2

Pity the man imprisoned in his own mind.  It is the cage from which he can never escape, except, of course, by death.  And if death were to run from his arms, taunting him from an unreachable distance, man’s thoughts would fade into the ether, trees falling in the woods that no one can hear.
--Lester Samuel Moore

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