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July 3rd - July 10th Book of the Week - Author

July 3rd - July 10th Book of the Week - Author Robert Collins 

A woman scientist travels back in time. A TV preacher warns of the -mutant danger.- A teenager-s training to be a mutant hero. There-s a mutant villain with ambition. How are these four people connected to a mysterious hero known as the -Monitor?- Can the future be changed? And can a person be changed trying to do so? Monitor is the new novel from SF author Robert Collins, examining morality and obsession amidst a background of superheroes and time travel. The dark drama of Monitor will have readers asking, -Could I save the world without losing myself?-

About the Author
Robert L. Collins was born in Wichita, Kansas, in 1965 and presently lives in Andover. He is the author of several railroad books, including "Kansas Train Tales" and "Ghost Railroads of Kansas." He is also the author of two biographies of early Kansans: Senator Jim Lane, of "Bleeding Kansas" fame; and General James G. Blunt, Civil War general.
Collins also has two science fiction novels published, "Expert Assistance" and "Lisa's Way." In addition to books, he's sold stories to periodicals such as Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine; Tales of the Talisman; Space Westerns; Golden Visions; and Sorcerous Signals. He has over 85 total short story sales as of June 2009. He's sold nonfiction articles to publications such as Wild West; Territorial Magazine; Working Writer; and Model Railroader. He placed first once in the annual historical essay contest held by the Butler County Historical Society, tied for first once, came in second place four times, and came in third once. He has around 120 article sales as of June 2009. Find out more about his printed articles here: Articles.

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