Friday, January 12, 2018

Tips On How To Market And Promote Your Book Effectively

Tips On How To Market And Promote Your Book Effectively

by the BookTown Team

Writing a book is not easy, it is only done out of passion and commitment. Writing and rewriting process is not the end of the writing process, the writer needs to ensure that their writing objectives are achieved. Writers write books as a channel of communication or sharing their opinions or information gathered internally or externally with a specific group of people in the society. Therefore, they must ensure that their books lands on the hands of right readers or audience.

 An author should view their book just like baby. Don't expect anyone else to care for it. Don't expect the publishing company to do all the publicity for it. You have to be the one to sell it. You have to identify yourself as a salesperson for your book and commit to marketing and promoting it.

Let us discuss some key tips on how can authors market and promote their books?

1) Market & Promote Your New Book through the Internet

The Internet opens the possibilities for communicating about your book to potential readers around the world. It gives you the only continuously operating method for marketing your book 24 hours a day. The Internet is an inexpensive, measurable way to build relationships with readers and generate book sales.

2) Market & Promote Your New Book at Bookstores

Getting published is no guarantee your book is on the bookstore shelf. Don't despair. Do your homework. Bookstores are interested in promoting local authors. By developing a working relationship with store personnel you can not only get your book in stores but also promote it through book signings on and off-site.

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Tips On How To Market And Promote Your Book Effectively

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