Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Win a paid membership to Only Book Videos

Blogging has been a useful tool for authors here at Booktown. Information gained from the willingness to share tips, knowledge and experiences with the community of writers here has been invaluable.  This continuous exchange of information not only helps us to become better writers it plays a very important part in teaching us new and better ways to promotion our novels. 
With the new year comes new opportunities.  We are calling on our members to post one or two blogs each week from now till the end of January.  To motivate you I have add a little incentive.  The two members with the highest number of combined views from their respective blogs will receive a one year paid membership to our Only Book Videos site.  Only Book Videos will promote your book trailer for an entire year free. If you are already promoting your trailer through Only Book Videos you can add an additional trailer.
I have listed a few blogs that have received significant interest in the past.

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