Sunday, October 7, 2012

Internet Who Done It - The Deadly Gamble

The Deadly Gamble
Part One - The Crime
Private Investigator Alexander Steele needs a break.  Earlier this year he took on drug kingpin Fat Daddy in the Case of the Death Dealer.  On the heels of the death dealer Steele once again outwitted the bad guy in The Case of the Deadly Ring.
Steele has just rapped up the Legacy of Death, his third case in nine months.
So now it’s up to you to solve this new murder mystery.  Alexander Steele will provide you with clues and vital information along the way but he’s counting on your brain power and (virtual) legwork to solve this mystery.

What we know so far:
A wealthy businessman returns home and discovers his young attractive wife and the pool boy murdered inside the storage shed next to the pool house.

The shed door was locked from the inside.
There is only one window in the shed.  There are fresh scratch marks on the windowsill but no footprints outside the window.
The murder victims were not shot or stabbed.  Here is your first video breifing.

You next update will be Sunday September 30th.  Included in this briefing will be a list of suspects and their backgrounds.

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