Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Global Book Blast: Writer Wednesday

Greetings Book Town Residents!
The following authors have signed on for our Global Book Blast Promotions.  We're here to announce their promotional works on Twitter!

Please follow these members on twitter! And be sure to add the Writers Wednesday hastag after you follow them. The hastag for Writers Wednesday is #ww and it wouldn't hurt to add a BookTown hashtag as well.  The hashtag for Booktown is #BT or a Global Book Blast hashtag #GBB

Here are the Twitter pages for the following members.





What's the point of adding a hashtag? When people on twitter add a number sign next to any letters (nospaces)it becomes a link. And if enough people do it, it can become a trending topic that twitter will list on the right hand corner of their main page for everyone who logs into twitter to see.

If you were to go onto twitter and see a #ww hashtag if once clicked, all the other hashtags for that particular link (#ww) will appear on your page. Depending on your browser power you could also see the following hashtags as people write them.
People make hashtags out of anything #fringe , #RingOfDeath #glee , #escape2earth , spreading the word is the tricky part. Encourage your followers to Retweet (which means to repeat what you've posted).

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