Friday, June 10, 2011

Global Book Blast: Twitter: Follow Friday

Global Book Blast: Twitter: Follow Friday

Author J Conrad Guest
@J Conrad Guest

The hashtag #ff means Follow Friday.  Please during your tweeting hashtag #ff @J Conrad Guest as he is our Global Book Blast Follow Friday member of the week.

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My first novel, January’s Paradigm, was published by Minerva Press, London, England. Current Entertainment Monthly in Ann Arbor, Michigan, wrote of January’s Paradigm, “(readers) will not be able to put it down.” I have two other novels based on the Joe January character, One Hot January and January’s Thaw. Both have been picked up by Second Wind Publishing.

In 2008 I completed Backstop: A Baseball Love Story in Nine Innings, which is now available from Second Wind Publishing, as well as from Amazon in both book and Kindle formats.

Chaotic Theory, a novella that explores the conjecture of how the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil might result in a tornado in Texas, is now available from Amazon. In April 2010, I completed my fifth novel, The Cobb Legacy, a murder mystery that spans two centuries written around baseball legend, Ty Cobb, and the shooting death of his father by his mother. Death is considered a universal ideal in fiction writing, so you’ll want to check out my latest project, A Retrospect in Death, which I just completed and will be revising over the next few weeks. My next project is beginning to take shape: 500 Miles (the working title) is a piece set during the golden era of motor racing (the 1960s) and centers on the Indianapolis 500.

My fiction and essays appear in various online and print publications, including Cezanne’s Carrot, Saucy Vox, River Walk Journal, 63 Channels, The Writers Post Journal, Redbridge Review, and Blood and Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine. I am also a contributing writer to Impact Times and am cofounder of The Smoking Poet. My sports writing can be found at Bleacher Report.

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