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Exceprt Thursday: The Visions of Koto-Ryin by Lauren Johnson

The Visions of Koto-Ryin
by Lauren A. Johnson

Vision I: Battle at the Revkar Portal

Billions of light years away far from Earth is a system of planets known as the Spiral Galaxy, this system is home to more planets than the Milky Way Galaxy.  This part of the universe is also host to more life forms than the lonely Milky Way.  This system of planets also holds more devious and dangerous beings than the birth galaxy of the human race. 
The blooming botanical planet known as Deltor is not only settled in the middle of the Spiral System but is one of the founding planets of the Planetary Alliance under the rule of Queen Lora.  The Queen looked over her land as the cool breeze blew past her, she watched as the orange waves tackled the white grains of sand.  And she smiled as the large butterflies flew around one another playfully.  And for awhile she forgot all about her decisions regarding the Planetary Alliance.
The Queen closed her eyes and sighed, the purple moon was rising and the Queen had a terrible feeling as if every decision she would make from this point on had to be precise and correct if she wanted her beautiful planet to survive.  The Queen sensed someone standing behind her and when she whipped around she scared her handmaidens.  Lora looked as if she was looking at thin air, but she was the only one to see a young, tall Deltorian woman like herself standing across from the room and just as quickly as the Queen blinked the young woman vanished.  “She’s here.  It’s starting.” 
The Queen’s maiden’s looked at one another, neither dare asked her what she meant, they didn’t want to seem disrespectful.
Hundreds of years into the future well beyond Queen Lora’s time, the Deltorian woman, who appeared to the Queen, Koto-Ryin was jolted from her dream.  She dreamt she was standing in the Queen’s quarters, not the current Queen, but the one from long ago.  Deltorian’s were warm blooded aliens so when Koto-Ryin woke up she put as many clothes on as she could, sweaters, jackets, and a scarf.  While she sipped her tea, she thought that it was just a silly dream that she would forget about, but she was wrong.
After the time of Queen Lora, the alliance grew to an establishment that provides protection and a comforting lifestyle to all the governments that partake in the alliance rules and regulations.  The beings benefit from this system and have been for hundreds of generations.  The Planetary Alliance has been around for so long that very few civilians know what life was like before its existence.  At this time Earth is undergoing the largest rescue mission known to mankind.  The human race is in preparation to relocate from the Earth of the Milky Way Galaxy to the New Earth located in the Spiral Galaxy.  Koto-Ryin had many visions of this event, but told no one of them.
Koto-Ryin could no longer withstand the information that bombarded her mind all night and more recently during the day.  As an assistant of one of the most prestigious positions of the planet of Deltor she had access to the-soon-to-be powerful authorities of Deltor.  For years she was the assistant of the religious leader Elder Senex, but since her recent revelations about her mental abilities she had gone into hiding to try to purify and empty her mind of the disturbing dreams.  She visited the karma cleaning area on Lazon, known as the Plateau de Meditation and there she didn’t find a way to rid herself of her visions, but she learned with whom she could share her visions with; a young trustworthy Xanarian.  It didn’t take long for Koto-Ryin to contact the soon-to-be Xanarian Oracle known as Nolan.
“You’ve requested to see me?”  Nolan asked as soon as he saw Koto-Ryin enter the room.  She found a private place in the rural area of Deltor at a local eatery– away from the technology.  They were able to reserve a private room. 
Koto-Ryin’s tall figure inched into the room.  She was a very meek individual and wasn’t used to being in a meeting all on her own, she was always helping the Elder with his meetings.  She adjusted her deep orange dress as she sat down.  She nervously pushed her thick chocolate brown hair behind her round ears.  The golden flecks in her brown eyes were still bright even though the room was dim and she dressed as all Deltorian’s did, in bold yet elegant fashions.
“At first I thought that I was ill.  That these images were brought on by an illness, you see.”  She said constantly fidgeting with her golden bracelets.
Nolan leaned in to listen closely; his milky blue skin seemed stronger in Deltor’s purple sunlight that shone brightly through the window.  “What kinds of dreams have you been having?”  Nolan asked.
Koto-Ryin couldn’t believe that she was saying what she dreamt out loud because to her it was ‘Extremely impossible.’  She remembered once thinking.
 “I dreamt that three alien men would rescue their planet.”  Nolan instantly recognized what Koto-Ryin was talking about.  He knew she was speaking of Matt, Will and Art the three men who rescued their race from the evil plot of Rotart. 
“There’s more.”  Koto-Ryin said in a whisper.  “I dreamt that four Deltorian Warriors would be reborn.”  This last revelation caused Nolan to jump to a conclusion. 
“You’re an Oracle, then.”  Koto-Ryin shook her head in disagreement. 
“No.”  She paused, “Oracles don’t see the past, only the future.  Oracles know what they’re looking at, my thoughts aren’t my own.  They’re being fed to me.” 
Nolan looked worried; he adjusted his dark grey robes that bore the omega insignia of his home planet.  “Do you believe that these are messages?”
Nolan can see Koto-Ryin’s fear.  “My guess is that these are dreams from the dead.  They’re telling us of our past and I’ve come to you because you’ll probably see our future not knowing of its origin.  If you do not know the beginning you won’t understand the meaning of the now.” 
Nolan kept his thoughts under control, “What else did you see?” 
Koto-Ryin sighed and closed her eyes, “The images of the future make no sense, I saw a enormous winged creature and an explosion on Ranax, but that could be two days from now or two thousand years from now the past was the most clear.” 
Nolan nodded, “Tell me of the past then.” 
Koto-Ryin shook her head, “Most of what I’ve seen is about the past of Deltor right when Xanar was starting to grow in its technological advances, when the warriors existed.” 
Nolan readjusted his position in his seat.  “Ms. Koto-Ryin the Warriors of Deltor are a myth.” 
Koto-Ryin shook her head, “No.  They’re real.  Beware of Elder Senex; he’s the one who started the rumor.  He knows the warriors are real.” 

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