Monday, March 21, 2011

Exceprt Monday: My Life, For Her by Robert J Saniscalchi

My Life, For Her
Robert J Saniscalchi

Agent Sanders continued, “We are doing everything possible to buy time. We are also working with the Colombian Government to get a fix on her location. It is a difficult situation considering the government’s position on making deals with terrorists.”

The room grew silent as Sanders waited for a reply.
For a moment, Rob stood with a blank look upon his face. He was unable to respond as the horror of it fully consumed him.

Suddenly! He jumped up and slammed his fist against the table, “They don’t know what they have done!” He screamed, “If they harm her, I will kill them all! My life for her! No! No! Somehow, they will pay!”

Everyone stood back and stared. Chief Roy tried to stay calm. He moved to Rob and pulled him aside.“I know your upset, but try to calm down! We have to focus on what we need to do. Maybe you should go home for now, be with the kids. We will call if anything comes up.”
Rob took his seat

and looked around the table, “I don’t want to go home.” He slammed the table again, “I want to find my wife! Some detailed information on this drug cartel is what I need.”

Rob gathered himself and looked around the room. He noticed his hands were still trembling, but didn’t care. He decided he had no choice, but to go along with them, for now.

By Robert J Saniscalchi 


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