Monday, January 24, 2011

Excerpt Monday: The Usurper by Cliff Ball

The Usurper
by Cliff Ball

This is the chapter 4 excerpt from The Usurper:

"Do you know who else is enemy of the people?” asked Putin.

“The enemy is anyone who questions the word of the government. They must be destroyed; nobody can be spared if they disagree,” answered Gary.

“You know who is one of your enemies, Gary?” asked al Hussein.

“No, who?”

“One of your enemies is your mother. She doesn’t agree with the government controlling peoples’ lives, and she thinks terrorism to control the people is bad. What do you think we should do with her, Gary?”
asked Putin.

“My mother is an enemy? But, she could be on our side,” Gary innocently said.

“We’ve talked about this before, Gary, and you know what you must do,”

“But… but…. I don’t want to do this,”

“Yes, I know, but she will destroy all that we are working for, and all of your future hopes and dreams. Again, I ask you, what should we do to people like her?”

Gary sighed, gulped a couple of times, and said, “The enemy has to die as an example to others not to think for themselves and do what they want. If my mother is an enemy, she must die,”

“Correct response. We need to go visit your mother to see that she is no longer a threat. Let’s go, Gary.” ordered Putin.

A few minutes later, the trio arrived at the house Gary and his mother lived in. They went inside, where Ann was in the kitchen cooking dinner, she heard them come in, went to meet them, saw her son, and went to hug
him, but, Gary didn’t hug her back, so she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You are the enemy, you must be destroyed.”

Putin handed Gary a Russian made Tokarev TT-33 service pistol, and Gary aimed it at Ann, who was shocked, and wasn’t sure what was happening. Gary, who had no expression on his face, aimed, and fired point
blank at her forehead, his mother had no time to react. Blood, and brain matter,
spattered everywhere. Ann died instantly, her body falling to the floor with a
thud. Gary handed the gun back to Putin, left the room, and he was determined
to leave this in his past, hopefully to never be dwelled on again. Putin
checked to see if Ann was completely dead, which she was, and the three quietly
left the house. Putin called for a clean-up of the body, and for the house to be destroyed.

When they were back at al Hussein’s office, Putin said, “Gary, you did a good job. You did not let family get in the way. All enemies of the state must be treated the same way. Soon, we will let you participate in
some of the operations we have planned, but, you need more training. Go find
Khomeini, and see if he needs you for anything.”

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