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Global Book Blast Interview: K.M. Daughters - All's Fair in Love and Law

Global Book Blast Interview

All’s Fair In Love and Law
K.M. Daughters

ISBN-10: 160154877X
ISBN-13: 9781601548779
Genre: Fiction, Romantic Suspense

Price: $10.99
Digital Edition: $5.00

Today's interview is from the KM Daughters.  The sister duo Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare are the authors

GBB What time and place does the story take place?

KMD Chicago, Spring through Fall 2009.

GBB Who are your favorite characters in the story and why? Who were the most enjoyable to write about?

KMD Since this is book four in the series, the ensemble cast of characters has grown considerably and we love all the Sullivan boys, especially Joe with his wry sense of humor. But our heroine, Charlie and her twin sister, Emily emerged as our favorite characters in this story. We enjoyed writing about the special relationship between sisters.

GBB Are there any twists in your book?

KMD Yes, absolutely. Not only does the suspense genre call for them, but also, we delight in formulating unpredictable plot twists that drive the action and surprise readers. By definition our novels contain satisfying endings. Despite that predictable element, we strive to keep our Readers guessing and engaged to the last word.

GBB If your novel is ever turned into a movie who would you cast as your lead characters?

KMD We can’t tell you how much fun we’ve had engaging in “casting” conversations for the Sullivan family with Readers. How about Damian Lewis as Patrick Sullivan and twin sisters Jill and Jacqueline Hennessey as the Demarco twins for starring roles?

GBB What kind of readers would this novel appeal to?

KMD Our readers are general romance lovers, romantic suspense, in particular – female or male, who enjoy family based series novels and spicy love scenes (i.e. Nora Roberts, The Macgregor series meets Brenda Novak’s Last Stand).

GBB What writers (if any) would you compare your writing style to?

KMD As our writing style has evolved spanning the release of seven published books to date, the style of our work in progress might be compared to Nicholas Sparks meets Jodi Picoult.

GBB What are the main themes of your story, what is the reader getting into?

KMD Central characters’ internal conflicts stem from loss – death, self-esteem, financial – obstacles that erode trust and create external conflicts, prevent intimacy and give rise to serious misunderstandings. Love heals.

GBB Are you planning a sequel or series?

KMD Yes, the series will continue with one final installment, for a total of five Sullivan Boys books. We have just contracted this installment, IN THE ST. NICK OF TIME, to The Wild Rose Press.

GBB On a scale of 1 to 10 what is the reading level? (10 being on the level of Toni Morrison)


Congratulations to the KM Daughters for their upcoming book All's Fair in Love and Law and be sure to keep an eye out for their next installment, In The St. Nick of Time from Wild Rose Press.

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