Thursday, July 1, 2010

How serious are you about promoting your book ?

How serious are you about promoting your book ?

I am truly stunned by the number of authors on the internet who complain about the lack of book sales. Stunned because the overwhelming majority of authors do very little to promote their work. If you purchase a pack of tomato seeds but never take them out of the package no matter how long you wait you will never get tomatoes. I believe that it would be a fair statement to say that at least 50% of self published authors have never promoted their book at a book festival. The reason most given is they don't know how or that it is to
expensive. Did you know that you could sell your novel at a major east coast book festival for only $25.00? For a mere $2.00, that's right $2.00 you can download the Author's Guide to Planning & Selling At
Book Fairs and Festivals.

Sites such as Book Town will help promote your work FREE if you are willing to get the ball rolling by making your presence known online. Every author should have a Website, MySpace, Facebook,Twitter, and yes be a member of at least one authors social group.


Because they are all FREE, yes even the websites are free. Do you carry copies of your book inside the trunk of your car? If not why not. If you have a book trailer it should also be on every major video
site and on your website. You don't need to spend a fortune to promote your work, all you need to do is spend a little time each week and watch your sales improve.

The Mayor of Book Town

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