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    Stir, Laugh, Repeat.. Finding Joy While Playing in the Kitchen
    is the BookTown Book of the Week

    Martha A. Cheves
    Stir, Laugh, Repeat.. Finding Joy While Playing in the Kitchen

    Find out why her food testers celebrate these
    all-too-often occasions in Stir, Laugh, Repeat. Following her
    passion for cooking and in hot pursuit of just the right taste,
    Martha Cheves composed one hundred recipes for cooks of all ages
    that are sure to satiate appetites of any kind. Try her quick and
    easy bacon, egg, and cheese mini pies for breakfast; rabbit food
    sandwich for a healthy, take-to-the-office lunch; mustard pork
    chops for a zesty twist that still satisfies the meat and potato
    man; and whip up her renown banana puddin as a sweet end to a
    satisfying day. Sprinkled amongst timeless southern dishes are
    practical tips to help any beginner baker cook like a pro while
    learning from Marthas tales of kitchen woes. Feast on Stir, Laugh,
    Repeat today and let your experimental imagination sizzle with
    delight as you try your hand at Marthas suggested variations.

    About the Author
    I'm from Georgia, moved to North Carolina by way of Florida.
    I've been in Charlotte for 14 years and love it. The recipes in my
    book Stir, Laugh, Repeat are all tested by "Food Testers" of which
    I now have 24. They try a dish and rate it from 1-10 with only
    those scoring at least an 8 making the book. My website is a
    holding place for my 2nd book Stir, Laugh, Repeat... Again. Please
    visit my site to find new recipes and tips. All recipes are easy,
    using common ingredients and according to my testers, great!

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