Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ten Free Ways to Promote Your Book

Ten Ways to Promote Your Novel on Book Town

For seven years Book Town has offered writers many ways to promote their work. Here are the first ten free ways to gain additional exposure for you and your novels.

  1. Blog post
    The Mayor is always looking for interesting blogs to re-post on our Facebook page.  Getting your name       out there improves your chances of selling more books.

  1. Book Reviews
    Our members have access to book reviewers right here at Book Town.  If you cannot locate the                   reviewers on our site just send the Mayor an e-mail. Book reviews are posted here at Book Town as well     as on our Tumblr, Google Plus and Facebook pages.

  1. Short Stories
    Our Short Story Library has been around for almost 5 years. A few months ago we decided to re-post         those stories on our blog. The response has been good. Posting free short stories is the equivalent of             giving potential fans a sample of your work.

  1. Post Book Signings and Interviews


  1. Promote your book on Author’s Square
     Book Town has over 1,550 members, several are one time authors who have not published a book for a      while but still like to read a good story.

  1. Book Excerpts
    Starting this fall Book Town will began featuring member excerpts on our Google Plus and Facebook           pages.

  1. Blog interviews
    Susan Whitfield has been conducting blog interviews at Book Town for over 6 years.  Her interviews are       posted on Book Town, Susan’s website, our Facebook and Tumblr pages as well as on our blog.

    8. Book Town’s Summer Reading List

    Each year we compile a Summer Reading List. Novels are selected from the previous year’s book               reviews. Each book selected is linked to your sales page on

  1. The Great eBook Giveaway.
    The Great eBook Giveaway is a week long event where authors give readers a chance to view their               books free. You decide your level of involvement, a day a weekend or for the entire week.                           Participation is voluntary.

  1. Awesome Covers from Book Town Members.
  We periodically post interesting, eye catching covers on our Facebook page.   

Coming this winter

The re-launch of the Book Town Book Store.

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