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Locked Within-Synopsis

Locked Within-Synopsis

Emma Winberry and Nate Sandler are supernumeraries for the Midwest Opera Company. They have befriended Delia Armanetti, a member of the chorus.
Delia tells Emma that her son, Mike, a successful veterinarian, has married a woman she does not like. She believes this woman is only after his money.
Delia complains of headaches and Emma urges her to see a doctor, knows she suffers from hypertension. During the dress rehearsal, Delia collapses and is taken to the hospital with a severe stroke affecting the right side of her body and her ability to speak.
When Emma visits, she encounters June, the daughter-in-law. Emma is warned by her Guardian Angel to beware of this woman; she is dangerous.
Delia, or Dee as she is called, begins to improve physically, but her speech remains garbled and unintelligible. Because Dee responds to Emma, the therapist lets her assist. Emma realizes that she is trying to say the words in Italian and they are coming out backwards.
When Delia is released to her son’s home, she attends an adult day care center daily. Emma continues to work with the speech therapist and Dee makes slow progress.
June is contacted by her husband’s assistant, Frances. They meet and Frances shows her old newspaper articles revealing June’s criminal past. She demands money for her silence.
During art therapy, Dee keeps drawing a box with a knob in the center. The therapist believes she is trying to open the door to her locked mind. But Emma does not agree. Eventually, through words and motions, Dee manages to tell Emma that it is a safe and June is taking money.
When Mike fires Frances for abusing the animals, she throws a manila envelope on the receptionist’s desk and says she will get even. Marge, the receptionist, takes the envelope home and shares the contents with Emma.
June pays someone to tamper with the brakes on Frances’ car resulting in an accident, leaving her on life support. Marge is forced to give the envelope to Mike when the police come to the clinic asking questions. He refuses to believe the woman in the articles is June, especially when she tells him she is pregnant.
Emma and Nate go to Mike’s house to visit Dee. They find June in the back garden and Dee lying at the foot of the stairs, unconscious. She is rushed to the hospital with a concussion and a fractured left arm. June says she must have fallen down the stairs, but Emma doesn’t believe her.
June knows that Emma is suspicious and wants her out of the way. She calls her sister, Vicki, and says she has a job for her. Vicki comes to visit and begin following Emma.
When Nate and Emma go to the theater at Navy Pier, Vicki, wearing a disguise and follows them. During the intermission, she follows Emma into the restroom and lunges at her with a knife. She misses and cuts the arm of another woman.

Synopsis: Locked Within                                                                                         2.

Emma’s celestial guardian warns her that Dee is in danger. Though it is past visiting hours, Emma and Nate rush to the hospital. They hurry to Dee’s room as she is calling for help. A figure clad in black is attempting to inject something into the IV line. Nate tackles the figure and pulls off the hood revealing June.
Hospital attendants come running as June screams that she is losing her baby. Blood courses down her legs. She is taken, under guard, to the ER. Dee is upset but unharmed.
Nate and Emma go to the ER and meet up with Mike. The doctor tells Mike that the pregnancy was a ruse and June used theatrical blood hidden in a pouch attached to her leg.

She is arrested. Mike finds out that she never divorced her previous husband, so he is not legally married to her. He sells the house and, when Delia is well enough, she goes to live with Sam, her younger son and his family on the West Coast.

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