• In a Distant Galaxy far from Earth

    Sci-fi Journey

    Eight years ago a new galaxy was discovered by the human race.   A galaxy of strange and unusual worlds ruled by members of the Planetary Alliance. Journey with us to the planets Telderan, Xanar, Deltor and beyond. If you're lucky you may be invited to the Galactic Cotillion or the Festival of Life.  Vacation on the luxurious Eros Star or take a stroll through the whistling forest but be careful of the Hidaya Kifi plant, when the temperature rises it's lethal. 

    Before we leave it would be wise for you to download the Lexicon of the Spiral Galaxy.  It's a free guide that will help you as you make your way through the fascinating planets during your adventures. 


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    Scene from Terror on Telderan
    Artwork by Lee Crystal

    Download Terror on Telderan on

    The beginning of our journey starts with a short story from the past on a distant planet.  The events on this desolate planet changed the lives of every living soul light years away on planet Earth. The name of the planet was Telderan.

    Return 2 Earth

    Book one
    Book two
    A short story in the Spiral Galaxy

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